The greatest detective in the history of Television is now on DVD! Perfect for your enjoyment from the comfort of your home - every single episode of Columbo from the 9 seasons, now on one SINGLE DVD set!

Columbo single-handedly defined an entire genre of 'whodunit' detective crime series, which lives on until today in various forms!

This Collector's Edition DVD set contains all episodes of the Columbo TV series from the 9 seasons - all 55 of them - in one LIMITED PRODUCTION Boxed Set.

Enjoy the performances of the ensemble cast of Columbo,including Peter Falk (who else? as Police Lieutenant Columbo), John Finnegan as Barney, Bruce Kirby as Sergeant George Kramer, and Lee Grant as one of the most memorable Murderers.

During its run, Columbo garnered a series of awards and nominations, including (but not limited to) the following:

• 13 Emmy Awards (39 nominations)
• 2 Golden Globe Awards (15 nominations)
• 1 Edgar Award

Enjoy all of Peter Falk's top-notch performances as the scruffy cop Lieutenant Columbo, and watch as he solves all his cases, gathering all the evidence he requires for indictment in every episode.

You can also catch the famed Peugeot 403 convertible that Columbo drove in the series - a rare car with only 2,050 in production, and made even more famous by the Columbo TV series.

Complete TV series of Columbo, in a boxed set as pictured above.

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